Educated & Trained Carry

Like any skill, expert instruction and ongoing practice are key. Fortunately, firearm training and gun ranges have come a long way when it comes to welcoming everyone, from the beginner to the expert, to learn and improve. Those in the business understand that first steps into firearm training can be intimidating. As such, many classes invite those who “have never picked up a gun” to enroll and learn the basics of safely handling, shooting and maintaining a firearm. With so many women applying for concealed carry permits, many ranges are offering classes specifically for women. This is a great way to learn gun safety and become confident with your handgun.

The importance of working with a certified firearms instructor BEFORE YOU SHOOT cannot be understated.

Take the time to find certified instruction along with the appropriate CCW course and permit to meet all of the legal requirements of your state/area. You can enroll in a class or have private instruction, in person with a certified instructor is best.

The NRA website has a comprehensive list of NRA certified instructors, classes (both firearm safety and training and a non-firearm crime prevention seminar that teaches awareness and avoidance) that you can search by location.

The site provides a lot of information and is a good place to start.

  • (gun accident prevention program that helps kids to know what to do should they ever find a gun)

Ongoing training and practice keeps skills and safe handling practices sharp.

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